Cliff Dropp

Cliff Dropp was born in the winter of 1970 to a warm-hearted family in the state of New Jersey in the US. He was the long-awaited new brother to three sisters and one older brother, who was delighted for no longer being the only boy in the family. Since his father was a manager of a large supermarket, the family was well known in the area and one of his sisters even announced his birth over the PA system in the high school she then attended.

His interest in the environment was sparked at a young age. When he was a toddler Cliff would stop in his busy tracks when a commercial would come on TV about pollution. It pictured an American Indian who would see the trash and pollution in a brook and garbage on the grounds while a tear would appear in his eye. This touched Cliff so much that he would cry tears of worry and sorrow over the situation saying that his life’s missions would from then on be to clean up the Earth and rid it of all that ugly garbage and horrible pollution. Cliff was clearly born with a love and an interest in recycling, reusing and composting everything and anything from a very young age. He followed his own path but always made sure that the family knew where to put what trash where and how. In this way he trained himself and as many others as he could to do the same. It was hence no wonder that he forged a career in the waste industry, always trying to look for new and innovative ways to recycle and reduce the world’s outpouring of waste materials.

Although Cliff was born and raised in the state of New Jersey, USA, he decided to relocate to Sweden after he had fallen in love with a Swedish girl. They met on the Austrian Alps during a holiday where they happened to bump into each other on the skiing slopes of the glorious snowcapped mountains. And as the saying goes: the rest is history. Although they managed a long-distance relationship for the first two years it was clear to both of them that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. And so Cliff moved to Sweden where they now live in a small fishing village on the Swedish coast with their two children.

As an active person passionate about the environment, Cliff has always been involved in outdoor activities. This also explains why he and his family have chosen to live near one of Sweden’s most extraordinary places, Kullaberg, a rocky headland in the South of Sweden which received a three-star rating in the world’s most famous guide book, the Michelin Guide. The area is famous for its incredibly dramatic and varied landscape with steep rocks, caves, idyllic fishing villages, sandy beaches and the well-known works of art called “Nimis” and “Arx”. The surrounding waters perfectly lend themselves to discover this stunning region from the sea by kayak

And although this is an activity that Cliff took up relatively late in life, he went for it with a 100% dedication once he got the hang of it. Ever since he bought his first kayak for the family he thought that he might as well share this unique experience with other people. Thus began the story of Kullakajak.

The sea kayaks that are provided by Kullakajak are very stable and can be used by anyone at any age. Cliff hosts kayak demo-days and the company offers both single and double kayaks. The double kayaks are especially interesting for families as the child can sit in front of the adult. Cliff’s ambition is to provide visitors with an all-round experience of the area of Kullabygden and he works in close cooperation with people in the local hotel, restaurant and event business. This ensures that visitors can book individual arrangements with accommodation in a tent or in a hostel. The tents for example can accommodate up to 8 people and provide real camp beds if required. This will offer people a true outdoor experience where they can simply paddle away at will from the shores and explore the stunning environment.

Join Cliff here and you’ll understand the unforgettable magical beauty of Kullaberg!

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